About Me

I started doing photography in 1994 and three years after that I began working with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Premier and Lightroom and 3DStudiomax.


In 1999 I got a job as the head graphic designer at ArteVideo (http://www.artevideo.net/) in Palmanova (Italy), taking care of graphics and making DVD menus for all the main film distributors (Cecchi Gori Home Video, Medusa, Dolmen, Paramount Pictures, National Geographic, Tucker’s film, Mustang, Minerva, General Video, Movies Inspired, Warner Bros…). I also completed a scenarist designer course for Photoshop in London.


In 2014, I started designing movie-based graphic designs for web pages (film on demand) such as Netflix, iTunes, Google, and Sony.

With ArteVideo, we annually made around 130 films.


I did different publications and photos for: (catalogues, brochures, advertisements for yachts and boats, football teams, many stores and a lot more) for many companies.


Now I’m working as a profesional photographer beside also doing all of the above.

I finished a course for boudoir photography by Michael Sasser. Michael is a one of the best professional photographer and instructor for boudoir photography from Los Angeles.

I am also a member of Casarsaguru team where I take pictures for iStock and GettyImages.

  • Modeling and Boudoir Photography
  • Photo retouching and editing service
  • Family Photography
  • Events Photography